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Gardens under threat

Posted by Alan Singleton on

I built two large gardens for Danielle (not his real name), a local identity in legal circles. They were completed on Melbourne Cup day but immediately ran into trouble. You see Danielle has a militant group of chooks called the Bolsheviks that, given his political views, have free rein of all the territory. As a consequence of Danielle’s charity the Bolsheviks were able to fly up to the gardens despite their left wing being far stronger than their right. Consequently the gardens were decimated in the interests of feeding the proletariat 


Despite my advice that nylon netting would hold them back Danielle went for the stalag look with a wire entanglement. Note the attractive star stakes and the ‘Wandoan’ gate than blend so nicely with the garden setting.


 On a more positive note, apart from watering in the seedlings, these gardens have not received any top up of water since Melbourne Cup day.




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