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Compost:make your own and reduce landfill

Posted by Alan Singleton on

It may shock you but worms do not have ladders. Because Watersavergardens (wicking gardens) do not come in contact with the surrounding earth worms you should introduce them to get the best produce. The easiest way to do this is DIY compost. 

This is how I do it: put the kitchen waste in the bin. I don't care what goes in so long as there is not too much of one thing. Occasionally put some green grass/dead leaves to break it up a bit.

When I get around to it I buy 12 bags of horse stable manure plus free green grass clipping off the mower lady. I also shred the Melbourne Age (best use for it) by hand. I only get the paper because the digital subscription comes with weekend papers for 'free'.

So in the above bin: a layer of dung, layer of grass, then shredded paper, then the contents of the green compost bin. Repeat until you run out. Ideally you should end up with about a cubic metre (for heat generation).  

The cork screw thing above is a must have. Occasionally I fit that to the cordless drill and turn over the compost: so easy!!

This is what you end up with , teaming with worms. You can't see many because they get sunburnt easily and don't have access to sunscreen.

Don't get tied up with all the science, you will be checking the temp, the ratios the Ph etc. It's a bit like a hair cut. Yes if you do it according to the science advice it will happen quicker and be a little better. But hey I have a life so I wait a little longer and still get a great product to keep my gardens healthy.


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