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About Us

Watersaver Gardens have been sold in and around Toowoomba and through gardening shows since 2011.

The recent development of the freight friendly design has made the wicking garden bed available to anyone in Australia.

Wicking garden beds are commonly referred to as self watering gardens, wicking gardens, raised garden beds, modular gardens, colorbond or corrugated gardens.

Our wicking garden bed kits make a great veggie pod style garden making the best use of available space and water resources.

About Alan

A keen organic gardener for many years, he saw the potential of Colin Austin’s wicking gardens.

At that time Toowoomba was in serious drought with the real chance of running out of drinking water. 

The gardens lived up to expectation regarding saving water but Alan found other great advantages. 

His job meant he was away for a week at a time, which had always been a problem with maintaining his gardens.

With the watersaver gardens he was able to grow more crops, get greater yields, spend much less time weeding and even go on holidays for a month knowing his gardens would look after themselves.

Interest from friends and school bodies convinced him there was a market for a simple inexpensive garden that could be easily installed.

He resigned from the Queensland Education Department and founded the business.

From originally building and installing gardens to order in his home town of Toowoomba, Alan is now selling the kits through gardening shows, markets and online. 

He has been a celebrity guest speaker at gardening shows and gives up his time to speak to groups about how to build the gardens, their history, how the principal can be applied to orchards, the benefits of this type of gardening, and how to get the most out of the back yard garden.