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Plants with clothes on!

Posted by Alan Singleton on

Jeff and Carina met when they were both working in Singapore. Carina’s family have a farm and businesses outside of Davao City in the Philippines. When she visited Australia and Toowoomba for the first time she said Australia was a very strange country. She had never seen animals with clothes on before (horse rugs), and at our place she saw me putting clothes on my tomatoes!


 If you would like to ripen capsicum, eggplant or tomatoes like these on the bush without chemicals, you need some clothes for your garden.




Make bags in a range of sizes out of calico with a draw string. You will need some big enough to go over bunches of tomatoes.



These bags are in their third season and still going strong.



If the string is reasonably course, it can be tightened around the stem above the fruit without the need for a knot. Put them on well before the fruit ripens and check each week until one day you will look in the bag and find beautifully ripened tomatoes. No insect bites, no chemicals required! 


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