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Why buy a water guzzling imported garden bed when for a little extra investment you can enjoy all the benefits that thousands of gardeners are experiencing around Australia.

My Watersaver Garden Kits not only use up to 80% less water, they make gardening quick and easy:

  • Comes as a flat pack kit
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for deep rooted veggies
  • Organic gardening is a breeze
  • Choose any Colorbond colour at no additional cost
  • Up to three metres long - that’s a real veggie garden.

Freight rates are only $20 QLD, $30 NSW Vic ACT and $40 for the rest of Australia. Full shipping information

Watch this two minute video to see how easy it is to get started.

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Alan’s Watersaver Gardens – for large or small settings, the serious gardener, or those just starting out”. — Rosalind, Toowoomba

What Is a Wicking Garden Bed?

Wick Garden Graphic

Most raised garden beds are either unirrigated or set up with drip irrigation.

Wicking gardens instead draw water from a reservoir below the growing medium, using the concept of capillary action.

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Wick Garden Graphic

Advantages of A Wicking Garden Bed compared to a regular raised garden bed

  • They are water efficient - No water lost going past the root zone or from evaporation
  • Self-watering
  • Very little weeding required
  • Easy to be chemical free
  • Fool-proof for beginners
  • Higher bed is ideal for people with mobility or strength issues

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My kits make it easy!

Wick Garden Unboxed

  • Simple to assemble 
  • Free ongoing support and gardening advice
  • Choose any colour or size to suit your needs
  • Watersaver Gardens look after themselves while you're away (up to a month!)
  • Dry surface means weeds don’t germinate unless it rains
  • Plants thrive, taking only the water they need using the wicking principle
Watersaving Garden Bed Kits

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