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School Project

Posted by Alan Singleton on

Students of St Mary’s College Toowoomba are set to benefit from Watersaver Gardens. I have just completed two of three gardens on what were unfortunately the hottest days of summer to date. The location was such that all material had to be barrowed some twenty metres. I firstly levelled the area with sand before installing the gardens. 


The students involved will build the third garden themselves before planting their crop. The benefits and learning topics for students include:

  • advantages of reservoir watering over wasteful irrigation (at least 50% less required)
  • the value of composting
  • worms in gardens; biological life and decomposition
  • water as a remarkable substance
  • potential for carbon capture on a huge scale to reduce global warming
  • recycling at school to reduce landfill
  • mathematical calculations
  • a sense of responsibility and achievement that comes from ‘growing your own’



I have donated a worm farm that will add to the value of the project. It should be a lot of fun supervising the build of the third garden. Will let you know how it goes hopefully sometime in early February.

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