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Great solution for a problem area

Posted by Alan Singleton on

Recently put in four gardens not far from Lake Annuad. The site had been a garden but was on a fairly steep slope and hard to manage because of its size. The site was ideally situated to receive plenty of sun. It was a novelty to shovel soil in the shade of the carport. Pitty more jobs didn’t come with an adjacent carport!






Below are three of the completed gardens, the fourth is behind the retaining wall. The owner was finishing off the divide between the woodchip and lawn with a straight timber border (mower strip) at ground level running at an angle to touch the edge of each garden. It should look good and will make it easy to mow. I put a garden frame around the shrubs on the left to give the sight continuity.


The taller posts at the back of the garden have a good strong trellis attached. The gardens are situated so that the taller/climbing plants such as tomatoes and cucumber planted at the back will not take sun from the other plants. The trellis is all the way along the gardens partly to stop the kids falling over the retaining wall when they are helping out. Yep, some kids help out so I’m told.

Having so much garden area means that crops can easily be rotated with one bed left fallow or seeds can be sown directly into the beds without holding up production.


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