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What to Plant in July

Posted by Alan Singleton on

Not much exciting happens in Toowoomba gardens in July but I have just planted some carrots, spring onions, broad beans, lettuce (in a sheltered area), and silverbeet. Beat this, I got twenty eight silverbeet seedlings out of one punnet. So visitors to my gardens in six weeks can expect free silverbeet to go with the free limes, mandarins and spring onions.

The tomato plant I have in the frame with cling wrap (previous blog) got frosted because I left a gap near the top to let in air. I have closed the gap so now it has only about six inches of space for air flow at the bottom and a cloth top for circulation. We'll see how that goes.

Some of the silverbeet

Broad Beans & Carrots

Chinese veges don't mind the cold

The tomato now has cling wrap right to the top

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