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Qld Garden Expo a Great Success

Posted by Alan Singleton on

The Qld Garden Expo was brilliant with more than three hundred exhibitors and truckloads of people. I sold as much on the Friday as my best day in Melbourne so it was definitely worth it. Unfortunately did not get a chance to have a good look around and didn't even get to the bar. Even sold the same garden twice which is good business.
I had double the space so was able to display all the sizes which made a big difference to sales.

I thought I was getting away from the cold but have a look at the frost in Nambour below (Friday morning). 

The Truck loaded ready to go
Extra Space Made for a better display

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  • Wow, Rhonya your beautiful cmonemt has just floored me. Thank you thank you for such exquisite words and love. It is an honour to have you visit and share in the journey with me. And these photos are gorgeous! I especially love the three in the second row of your collage with the chairs, table and plants. There’s something so inviting about a little corner with chairs and plants that makes you want to grab someone lovely and some food and drink and sit down for a long chat with no care for the time. I guess this is our virtual way of doing it here via our blogs, from different parts of the world. There’s something special about this too.

    Ana on

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