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What's Growing This Winter

Posted by Alan Singleton on

All is good this winter, particularly my cash crop, ninety garlic. On the way out but hanging in there: sweet basil, chilli, eggplant and cherry tomatoes.

I still have a good range of herbs saving me money at the supermarket: galangal, dill, coriander, vietnamese mint, thai mint, thai basil, greek oregano, thyme, flat leaf parsley, rosemary and dill.

Veges all doing well: kale, fennel, rocket, silverbeet, cabbage, snow peas, spring onions, carrots, chinese veges, and broad beans.

All this with the minimum of fuss in the watersaver gardens. 

You can see some of my garlic on the left and the fennel on the right. I am having a play with the tomato in Clive Puzey's cage, creating a micro climate that might get me some tomatoes in winter. Looks good with pleanty of flowers at the moment.

More of my garlic.

This garden has my cabbage & broccoli, protected from the dreaded cabbage moth by the mesh thrown over the frame. Frame to suit watersaver gardens range from $45 to $65. Surprisingly most of my canopy frame sales are to keep out animals: scrub turkeys, rabbits, cats, dogs, possums etc.

So you can see how much money can be saved by having your on vege patch. With watersaver gardens there is the extra bonus that there is so little to do. Great for busy people like me!


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