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Happy customer from Carlton

Posted by Alan Singleton on

Hi Alan
Thank you so much for the info and for the garden. I’m glad I stuck with the colour I chose, it suits out place perfectly and the garden itself was super easy to put together and looks fantastic. I’m super excited to grow my herbs and stop paying ridiculous money for them at the supermarket. A great product and will definitely consider buying another when we have more room.

Kind regards

and another:
Both me and my partner commented on how well your garden bed kits were thought through and how everything fitted in nicely together, great little packaged products.
Time for some planting!
That's great, thank you.  Only have a TAFE certificate, hope it's sufficient for assembly !  The high tech dipstick will be the test !  Appreciate  your humour, and the speed of despatch. Will pass on info to friends, great invention especially in our dry environment - water is so precious. Regards Tony

Many thanks Alan,

I look forward to getting started. I have seen the gardens in action with one of my neighbours. Her garden is flourishing where my land based plants are still trying to take off.



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