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Free freight on existing stock to January three extended to January 12

Posted by Alan Singleton on

Unfortunately I cannot get colorbond till January 12 so I am extending the free freight period till then.
I have the following stock on hand (updated 4 Jan). 
Jumbo: Pale Eucalypt, Dune, Zinc, Deep Ocean, Jasper
Extra Large: Pale Eucalypt, Woodland Grey, Monument, Cove,  Surfmist, Paperbark
Large Slim: Pale Eucalypt, Basalt, Jasper, Woodland Grey
Space Saver: Monument (2), Wallaby, Windspray (2), Shale Grey, Jasper
Herb: Cottage Green, Monument, Paperbark, Surfmist, Jasper
Color chart:

Free freight also applies to nets and canopy/trellis when purchased with bed/s.

To get free freight:

at checkout enter your correct town or suburb                                                                    enter QLD as your State                                                                                                    enter 4350 as your postcode

or give me a call/email (0424996540)

I will send email confirming your correct address and that stock is available.                                                                       


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