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Getting the best out of your Watersaver wicking garden

Posted by Alan Singleton on

If you want to keep getting great results a bit of maintenance is required. 
If birds or animals are getting to be a problem it is easy to retro-fit an aluminium canopy frame with optional trellis plus my commercial grade netting.
Composting is great, reducing landfill and getting rich 'living' compost for your garden. I will cover that process in another blog.
Add compost every second planting, just spread out and quickly turn over soil so the abundant worms don't get sun burn. 
Every three to six months add an organic natural mineral plant food like EarthLife GardenMate, made here in Toowoomba. I add about 3kg to an Extra Large Garden. I sell it, but Col has a list of distributors on the EarthLife website plus other fantastic organic products.
So doing the above will keep you in healthy fresh garden vegetables and herbs. It's that easy!

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