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Recycle your laundry water

Posted by Alan Singleton on

Water is getting more and more expensive. In Toowoomba the charge for the first tier of water consumption has gone up by 40% from 2010 to 2011.

Not to mention bottled water which can be more expensive than (cheap) wine? That’s my argument for buying the wine.

Anyway we have to use water to wash clothes so it makes sense to recycle. Even with Watersaver Gardens there is still a lot of water used in the yard, particular in dry times. Our recycled laundry water is adequate all year round to maintain:

  • a front garden of about one hundred natives
  • five grape vines
  • two passionfruit
  • an avocado
  • five Watersaver Gardens (she won’t let me build any more)
  • a lime tree
  • the lawn


The Front Garden


A word of warning, this setup is not the most aesthetic thing you have ever seen but it does the job. I told my wife it was only temporary three years ago. Who entertains in the laundry anyway?


When we need water outside it is a simple matter of moving the hose to the PVC pipe in the window.



Washing machine water flows to the holding container.




It is on a stand because version one used gravity to feed the gardens. I have since ‘splashed’ out and bought a submersible pump for about $200.00. It is then a matter of watering at your leisure by switching on the pump.

Because Watersaver gardens are a closed environment as far as the soil is concerned, gardeners have to be careful of a build up of chemicals such as one might get from too much fertilizer or the soap powder with this arrangement. I have experienced no problems in the three years. This may be because we use a concentrate called SA8 that does not contain chemical perfumes or fillers.

If you have a similar system that looks more attractive than mine (not hard to imagine) please email a photo so I can post it here.

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