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Raised Garden Bed - Large Slim (Double Height)

Raised Garden Bed - Large Slim (Double Height)
Regular price $725.00

External dimensions: 240cm x 63cm x 88cm high (8'x 2')

Our extra high garden beds make it easier for those with mobility problems to enjoy gardening. The 88cm high sides allow for more convenient sowing and harvesting, without having to excessively bend over for long periods. Please note that the standard height is often suitable for those with lesser issues given Watersaver Garden Beds require so little weeding, and no standing around watering.

    • stuck for space?
    • use it as a divider or boundary on the deck or patio
    • between the driveway and the house
    • contact us to confirm your discounted freight rate before proceeding 

Fully installed gardens (ready to plant immediately)

    • available within 20km of Toowoomba CBD
    • they come with organic soil, enriched compost and a bag per square metre of our own compost mix teaming with worms and micro-organisms to inoculate the commercial soil/compost mix. 

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