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The Roffey family very happy with their Watersaver Gardens

Posted by Alan Singleton on

Hi Alan, 

I promised to send you photos of my wicking bed, and since it’s been over a year now I’ve attached some for you.

So far I’ve grown lettuce, celery, eggplant, tomato (lasting 6 months!), broccoli, silver beet, beetroot, beans, cucamelon, leeks and garlic. I think that’s everything!!!

Recently, I had members from my garden club (ROGI – Redland Organic Growers Inc) over on a visit, and they were very impressed with the bed.

Thank you for a great product!!! 

Kind regards,

I’ve been growing garlic for about 4-5 years now, and thought I might try it in the wicking bed. I really wasn’t sure it would do well, and thought it might even rot. I also planted some in two other places in  my yard, and compared the results. The pictures speak for themselves, the garlic in the wicking bed is a clear winner!!!

At the moment I have growing - leeks (looking very healthy), beetroot (just finished harvesting – yum!), celery, beans and eggplant. I’ve just planted some silver beet and a tomato, and will be planting more beetroot soon.

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