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New Compost Bins

Posted by Alan Singleton on

I finally got round to fixing my compost bins. I use my own compost in my garden plus all the local installations I do. Two 30 litre bags per large bed. It is 'cold' compost meaning it contains worms and plenty of micro-organisms. 

Don't get hung up with the complexity of composting, provided you have a good mix around the correct ratio it will work fine. Being out there with a thermometer in the middle of the night only means your compost will mature quicker.

I use a couple of manures, green lawn clippings from a mower man, newspaper torn up, all vegetable kitchen scraps and dry leaves. If it smells like ammonia you have to much nitrogen, turn it over and add paper or dry leaves. It should be moist enough that you can squeeze drops of water.

The only turning I do is when I transfer from one bin to the next. Forgot, I also add rock minerals to keep my little worm friends happy.

In this photo the 20 litre bucket has no bottom. I add the kitchen scraps via the bucket-very convenient.


The posts and pickets are in concrete. I am able to easily move the sheets on or off the 'door' as required.


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