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Posted by Alan Singleton on

What a busy time we had during the Carnival of Flowers! I was a bit unsure about promoting my predominately vege gardens during the week but we got a terrific response from the hundreds of visitors. it was worthwhile just to talk to other keen gardeners. There were gardeners from as far away as Perth and every State was represented. There were people who had immigrated from China, Wales, England, Africa, Korea and Spain to name a few telling me of their gardening experiences in the homeland. As Richie Benaud would say 'it was just marvelous'.

Next year we will have some Pop-up gardens with great displays of flowers as well. Some photos from the week:



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  • what type of flower is this, i would like to kno wbuaecse my grandma passed and this was the next flower we were goign to buy for her garden but i can’t buy it because i can’t remember the name

    Avinash on

  • Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my quesniots are answered!

    Jody on

  • lol yes I really enojyed putting it together what a fab time-waster I have to say though I ran out of puff before I got to the required 24 pics!am a little hesitant to tempt fate and reveal the new job until I’ve actually started it they might yet change their minds (I’m only a humble freelance after all) and I’m a superstitious soul !

    Thenasier on

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