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Posted by Alan Singleton on

While the weather through winter has been cold at times there has not been the extreme cold in Toowoomba knock plants about. I have had basil survive which is remarkable. Anyway some of the veges you should be thinking about:

asparagus-Ihave been getting spears for about three weeks which is quite early.



potatoes-bought four varieties from Torrington nursery and planted about two weeks ago. I shared the boxes with a mate which allowed me to put in a range.

schallots/spring onions-I always have spring onions in the garden, better yield than schollots and much quicker than onions.

lettuce-mixed loose leaf suit me and are quick to grow.

tomatoes-I have some from seed in pots and half a dozen have come up on their own accord in the garden. I will look at transplanting them since they are already established. This year I am going to use tomato cages and 'easy stakes' that Clive Puzey sells. Have a look at his range on

basil-there was frost this morning but planting no should be ok.

capsicum, eggplant-I like the round eggplant used in asian dishes. I use bags (see old blog) to cover these and my tomatoes to protect from fruit fly.


coriander-I buy seed from the asian supermarket in Herries Street. Grow it all year round planting twelve seeds together to get a good bunch. Each bunch only need to be 10cm apart, pull out every second bunch as they grow.

chinese vegetable-again, quick growing, plant close together then thin (and eat). That way you get a longer harvest period.

silverbeet-share a punnet with a friend, otherwise unless you are feeding a boarding house you will end up with too much.

So sit down, plan your gardening and get going!!


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