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Mixing Business & Pleasure

Posted by Alan Singleton on

Rhys and Jennifer saw my Watersaver Gardens at the Nambour Garden show in 2015. They were still renovating at the time but came up to Toowoomba recently to have a look at the wick  gardens. Methodical Rhys bought a plan of the property and we worked out a layout for four Jumbos and three Extra Large on a terraced area. 

I assembled the gardens on site and supervised the installation with Rhys and Paul doing all the hard work. Jen kept us going with iced water, coffee and loaded up bread rolls for lunch. The soil on site was perfect so we only had to buy the wood chip from Doonan's Sand & Gravel.

Knocked over the seven gardens in just over a day, not bad for a couple of oldies with dodgy hips (Paul was super).

The hospitality didn't stop at bed and breakfast, I was shouted out to dinner at the local Yacht Club-very nice indeed. 


Leveling The Gardens

End of day one: chip/water in, compost mix ready to add 

Rhys & Paul adding the soil

Fantastic view at dinner: I need more jobs like this

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