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What to plant in September - Get in early!

Posted by Henry Singleton on

At last it’s starting to warm up. I have been getting my gardens ready for spring. I planted some ‘green manure’ a while ago and have dug that in and added some good compost with plenty of worms.


Gardens ready and waiting for a spring bonanza


I turned the soil thoroughly and added some lime, blood & bone and sulphate of potash. That was about two weeks ago so I will start planting late August.


The secret to a great garden-beautiful compost


I have planned the garden, considering the amount of sun, size of plants and companion planting. Having seven gardens gives me the opportunity to plant a range of edibles, mostly from seed: Tomato & basil (their great mates), ginger, lettuce, schallot, potato, coriander (plant 12 seeds together to get a good clump), chinese veges (their quick), radish (for the bride, I can’t stand them), peas, beans, carrot, chilli, egg plant, silverbeet, capsicum, and corn.

Have a look at an old blog (plants with clothes on) to see an easy way to stop your tomatoes, egg plant and caps from being stung.

With a Watersaver Garden once they are established, about a week, there is no more work to do-just sit back and watch your garden grow. The two large gardens I put in on Melbourne Cup day (see blog about the chooks) have never been watered other than to get the plants started. That’s what I call a saving in water and effort. Anyway, happy planting.

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