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Eating garlic for Australia

Posted by Alan Singleton on

If garlic eating was worth a gold medal at the London Olympics I reckon the Singletons would be on the plane. When the price went up to $50/kg last year I naturally decided to grow my own.


2011 Garlic Crop Ready to Harvest


I refuse to buy product that is shipped half way round the world. Not that I don’t trust border bio-security-hey I was once a public servant.


Part of the harvest drying in the laundry much to the families disgust



More garlic drying


This year I have planted the garlic a bit early because we will run out in about two months and being careful with my money, I want to get some out of the ground asap.


Garlic going in about 5 inches apart with rows every 7 inches


The elephant garlic I planted last year ended up about 7 foot tall with a stem thicker than a butcher’s wrist.


Did the recipe say ONE clove of garlic



Planted 60 cloves and 6 elephant garlic cloves at the back


In a couple of weeks I will jam in another 30 or so cloves. This will be the second crop in the same garden so next year I will use one of the other gardens for my prize winning crop.

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