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Open Day Sunday 8th March 1.00 PM

Posted by Alan Singleton on

The Leafmore Garden Society is paying me a visit this Sunday. I will be talking about how to drastically cut back on water use and still have fantastic flowering and vege gardens. I will also be explaining how to instal an open-wick system on citrus & stone fruit trees that makes them practically maintenance free. I have one set up which is working a treat.

They will have the opportunity to browse around my watersaver gardens to see first hand how you can grow just about anything in that system without the usual hassle of weeding and watering. 

There will be some special deals on the day as well.

Anyone interested in gardening is welcome to come along and have a look at the same time. No need to phone,  just drop in Sunday 1.00 pm at 20 Jennings Street Toowoomba.

If you belong to a club or group that might be interested in doing something similar in the future by all means contact me to arrange. I supply a free morning or afternoon tea for those travelling from other towns and can recommend other places to visit in Toowoomba.

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