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Posted by Alan Singleton on

I am giving away two Pop-up gardens before Christmas through my Facebook page. If you don’t need another garden it would make a great gift for someone you know. 

All you have to do write a post on the Watersaver Facebook page telling me why you purchased, or would like to buy, a Watersaver Garden. One garden will be given away to the post that gets the most ‘likes’ (so tell your friends to like it!) and another will go to the post that I think is the best. This is my first promotion so I don’t imagine there will be too many entries so get to it and win yourself a garden. Click this link to go to the Watersaver Gardens Facebook page.

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  • - Boy did you ever pull it off, these are such unique shots. There’s a wodeurfnl sense of movement and character in this set, 8th down is my absolute fav, there’s almost something nostalgic about it. Beautiful

    Fitim on

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