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Large Slim Garden Bed

Large Slim Garden Bed
Regular price $315.00

Fits into areas that would otherwise be wasted space, as a divider, along a fence or against a wall. 

  • Extremely water efficient - No water lost past the root zone, little evaporation
  • Completely self-watering & little weeding takes the drudgery out of gardening
  • Easy to be chemical-free and organic
  • Fool proof for beginners - Plants thrive with little to no maintenance
  • Simple to assemble with complete easy to follow instructions provided
  • Chose from the wide range of custom Colourbond™ colours to suit your home 
  • Gardens look after themselves while you’re away
  • Free ongoing support & gardening advice at
  • External dimensions: 240cm x 63cm x 44cm high (8' x 2')
You'll also need the following before you're ready to start planting:
  • Phillips Screwdriver (preferably cordless screwdriver or drill)
  • Stanley knife or Scissors
  • 1/2 m³ woodchip (approximately $25 from a landscape supplier)
  • 1/3 m³ soil (approximately $30 from a landscape supplier if required)
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