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Yes, we are open and can deliver!

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Yes, we are open!! And we have stock ready to go today.

Posted by Alan Singleton on

We are a bit slower than normal due to a hip replacement rather than the virus. We are seeing a rise in orders but I have plenty of stock at the moment (see below). The carriers will not close so my only problem is if I lose a supplier of one of the parts. To date no indication that is going to happen.

You can still place an order for your desired colour/size and I can fill it within two weeks. If you place an order and I cannot fill it I guarantee I will refund your money immediately.

Give me a call (0424 996 540) to discuss or to place an order.  

Stock I can get away today or tomorrow

All nets & frames are in stock

Jumbo (3000 x 1100mm):

Terrain,  (6) Pale Eucalypt, Woodland Grey

Large (2400 x 1100mm):

Deep Ocean,  Monument,  Dune,  Paperbark,  Jasper,  Zinc, Woodland Grey,  (4) Pale Eucalypt, Evening Haze, Classic Cream

Large Slim (2400 x 600mm): Deep Ocean, Classic Cream, (4) Pale Eucalypt,  Paperbark

Space Saver (1600 x 900mm):

Terrain,  Manor Red,  (4) Pale Eucalypt

Herb (1300 x 600mm):

Terrain,  Wallaby,  Surfmist,  Manor Red, Woodland Grey, Paperbark

I added this comment 27 March. I haven't got a crystal ball but I suggest if you want a garden soon you pick a size and colour from the range above.

Meet Bruno, my loyal worker from Brazil.



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