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Delivery Delay

Posted by Alan Singleton on

Now that we are over the busiest time ever for Watefsaver Gardens we are taking a holiday.

This means that orders submitted from 23rd February will not be delivered until around 18th March or later depending on demand. Apologies for this but everyone needs a holiday, especially when you start barking back at the dogs!

The exception is the following gardens we have in stock (updated 1 March). Any of these can be sent on Monday 15th March. 

Jumbo: Manor Red, Deep Ocean

Extra Large: Woodland Grey, Monument, Cove, Surfmist

Space Saver: Ironstone, Monument, Wallaby, Windspray (2), Jasper

Large Slim: Gully, Ironstone, Pale Eucalypt, Monument, Basalt, Jasper

Herb: Pale Eucalypt, Paperbark, Jasper, Cottage Green

There is a link on the home page to take you to the colour chart.

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